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Reasons Why Players and Parents Choose Vega Baseball/Coach Gil...

1. Coach Gil develops custom PERSONAL training (not one-size-fits-all), to each player’s skill set, needs and interest level, so he can provide his students with some of the best, action-packed, progressive training around. Coach Gil doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter training and helps develop player confidence and mental toughness.  Coach Gil knows baseball and how to develop players. Whether you need PITCHING, HITTING, FIELDING OR CATCHER’S training/instruction, Coach Gil can help you.*


2. Coach Gil runs very efficient and effective Small GROUP Camps (3-4 players max), rather than the CASH-COW baseball camps that focus on quantity of campers and profitability, instead of quality, near 1-on-1 instruction.*


3. Coach Gil provides parents/players with honest and encouraging INITIAL BASELINE PLAYER ASSESSMENTS (not evaluations designed to steer parents into expensive contracts). Parents and players learn how to enhance strengths and improve weaknesses. Periodic Re-Testing keeps players on track to their goals and timelines.*


4. Coach Gil provides ON-FIELD OUTDOOR TRAINING (the BEST and proper way to train players during the season), instead of having to bring them into an indoor facility to hit in a cage. Team practices and games don’t provide sufficient “touches”, (practice opportunities), to keep players sharp or help them get to the next level. To do well outdoors on a field, you need to practice outdoors and on a field. A 2-hour TEAM practice or game doesn’t compare to 30-60 minutes of outdoor on-field training with Coach Gil. If you’re struggling at the plate, on the mound or in the field…Coach Gil’s In-Season On-Field training will get you back on track!*


5. Coach Gil has the flexibility to work out of MULTIPLE BASEBALL TRAINING FACILITIES. Each facility has their own features, benefits and resources and Coach Gil utilizes them all - depending upon your player’s specific needs. Training out of multiple facilities gives players more experience so they can maximize their potential. Players become comfortable and complacent when trainings are conducted at the same facility. Exposing players, occassionally, to multiple training environments will continually challenge players and enhance their development.*


6. Coach Gil’s ability to work around the student’s and parent’s busy schedule, to ensure players get the training they need in time for tryouts, tournaments and playoffs.


7. Coach Gil brings a unique and proven way to develop players over the years, helping players/parents “grow up with baseball”. The secret to developing young player’s skills: Keep things interesting, engaging (no standing around time), challenging and most importantly - FUN.


8. Coach Gil is often seen at TRYOUTS and at local parks watching his students in-action, in-game. This is an often overlooked and neglected area of being a good personal instructor. When a player struggles under pressure, how can an instructor help if he doesn’t actually see the player in-game in-action for himself? You cannot diagnose or treat IN-GAME flaws, INDOORS in a cage. Coach Gil goes to see his students on his own personal time, so he can hone in on in-game weaknesses.


9. Coach Gil manages parent/player relationships and communications regularly and personally, so he can be very flexible with complimentary trainings, credits, refunds and rescheduling.*


10. Coach Gil develops unique programs to provide more training opportunities for players (FREE Informative Baseball Clinics, Black Friday Camp, BBCOR Demo Bat Day, Choosing The Right Bat Clinic, Wood Bat Training Camp, Winter Break Camps, Mock HS Tryout Prep Camp, No School-Think Baseball Camps, Spring Break Camps, Early Bird BP Camp, After-School BP Camp, Player Testing Camp, College Prospect Showcase Prep Camp, and more!).*


*Coach Gil is offered employment by local Baseball Academies regularly, but chooses to operate independently so he can support players and parents unconventionally. Operating independently provides the flexibility that Coach Gil needs to be a true, full time, personal baseball trainer that is dedicated to each of his students.

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