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Al And Mason

Looks like your 1 lesson, great advice and using the weighted bat helped Mason out. He got a homerun in his first at bat tonight."

Nicole G    

It was wonderful finding Coach Vega. My son immediately felt comfortable & got to work on day 1. Every session Coach brings good energy & a game plan. My son is always excited to go. He has been so happy with the confidence & improvement. As a parent I have absolutely appreciated all the communication.

Rosalee Reyes    

We originally signed up our 4 year old son for one on one coaching just to see if he had an interest in the game before committing to a team. However, since working with Coach Vega our little guy has learned so much about the fundamentals of the game, while having fun that Coach Vega is now a weekly commitment, which prepares our son for his weekly games. Coach Vega’s professionalism, patience, engagement and skill with even the littlest of ballers is absolutely unmatched. We have had nothing but an amazing and positive experience working with Coach Vega. We have even have referred our 4 year old nephew to him as well, and we all can’t say enough positive things about how much the kids have gained from this experience.

Angelica Jaimes    

I like that he is patient while coaching my son and very nice. He gives tips for me to also help my son practice at home too. He also works around my schedule which is nice.


I have never had a coach that has worked me in a session the way that coach Vega has trained with and is very knowledgeable about this sport and is very kind, I always leave the session feeling more confident about my hitting.

Melissa Gawecki    

He works amazing with both of my sons. He has helped them improve on so many skills.

Marco Ugalde    

Gil is a great Baseball Instructor very knowledgeable, we work with other instructors in the past, but gotta say by far Gil will make this training well worth it, My Son really enjoys working with him, Gil makes my son not only learn fundamentals of baseball but also have fun.

Mary Ozment    

My 13 and 10 year old sons have had a great experience working with Gil Vega to further develop their skills in baseball. Not only does Gil help them improve various baseball mechanics, he has been inspirational in building their confidence, positivity and helping them remember why they love to play baseball. He is a great coach and awesome with kids!


Mary Ben Liam and Noah

We as a family instantly fell in love with Coach Vega on our first session. So much so, we will be going to him often. With his insight and technique, we have already seen some improvement with our children’s baseball skills. We are looking forward to watching the growth in our children over the next couple of weeks and months with the help of Coach Vega.

Nya and Connor

Gil uses a mix of previous drills and new drills at each lesson. It seems to really individualize each lesson to what our son needs to work on. He also makes it fun. Our son looks forward to his lessons with Coach Gil each week. We have been doing lessons with Gil for about 6 weeks now and started noticing improvement by week 3.

Cheryl and Rex

Gil is motivational in his coaching approach and he did a great job of breaking down the steps for my son on how to improve his game.

Rich and Kellan

Coach Gil’s ability to break down the fundamentals to their purest form and make them fun for my son is amazing. He’s an amazing teacher, and I’d recommend him to anyone…..from beginner to advanced. All around great individual!

Bengy and Josh

The individual attention. The lessons have been one on one and this has really allowed our son to develop the skills without other distractions. Coach Gil works through the progressions, building on all the basic skills before moving on.

Mark and Miles

My son absolutely loves his sessions with Gil. Coach Gil has a knack for making the sessions challenging yet fun, so my son looks forward to his hour each week, and always walks out spent and sweaty, but with a smile on his face. We've been working with Coach Gill for a fairly short amount of time, but I have seen improvements in all aspects of my son's game. Three lessons in and my son crushed a ball to left center off of one of the best pitchers in his league. Would absolutely recommend working with Coach Gil.

Jessica and Cece

Couldn’t say better things about Gil! My daughter looks forward to her lessons and we’ve seen immediate improvement in her hitting and infielding!

Kevin and Lexi

Gil’s approach with my daughter was great. He is very knowledgeable and uses effective training that has an immediate impact on performance. We will definitely continue using Gil as my daughter continues to grow.


Allison, Natalie and Brooklyn

He was great at giving each of my girls what they needed and at what level they were at on the field. They both learned a ton and have developed great batting, fielding and pitching skills. My girls feel much more confident on the field. 

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