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Coach Gil has been a valuable and reliable baseball resource to parents, players, coaches, leagues and teams, serving the Chicago land area since 2007...

Baseball Resource


Helping parents/players since 2007 on questions about:


  • Tryouts – what coaches look for

  • Rec/Park District Baseball vs Travel Baseball

  • What to expect from the Team/Coach

  • More Practice vs Professional Instruction

  • Team Practices vs Small Group Camps

  • At-Home Development vs Baseball Facility Practice

  • Maximizing Exposure During College Prospect Showcases


Semi-Private Instruction


Whether 2-players Semi-Private training or 4-5 players Small Group Camps, your budget and player will appreciate these effective and economical trainings that provide near

1-on-1 instruction.

Personal 1-on-1 Instruction


The very best approach used to achieve a player’s full potential. An excellent way to develop players over the years, especially when they are crossing over from Minors (9-10) to Majors (11-12), Majors to Pony (13-14) and Pony to Colt (15-18).


Not only does the field dimensions inrease, but the velocity of the game and pitches become more challenging. Hitting (Curves & Change-Ups), Base Running (Lead-offs & Secondary Lead), Pitching (From Stretch & Pick-Offs), Bunting (Sacrifice & Suicide), Defensive Situations (1st & 3rd Situations) become increasingly challenging too.

Off-Season Strength and Conditioning


August through December is the small window that baseball players have to really focus on strength training -safely. If you’re stronger, you will hit and throw harder and hand-eye coordination, timing, as well as balance are improved too!

In-Season On-Field Instruction


Base running, fielding (fly balls and grounders), hitting, pitching and strike zone awareness are drastically developed during the season by training outdoors on a real field.

Practice opportunities (touches), hitting and fielding reps, is the way young players develop.


Team practices and games do not provide sufficient practice opportunities to get players to the next level. A 2-hour TEAM practice/game doesn't compare to the amount of PERSONAL practice and instruction that Coach Gil can give students in 30-minutes!


Learn the importance of proper preparation (pre-game, on-deck, in-between innings, etc.) so you can maximize your development throughout the season! A critical component of a successful ball player, yet, another, often overlooked area by most instructors.

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