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"All coaches are not the same. All professional instructors are not the same either. I’ve used many different coaches, instructors and training facilities for my sons over the years and I started thinking that they were all the same (expensive, mundane and no proven results). Until I met Coach Gil. He is a natural born teacher and really has a special gift when it comes to teaching baseball to young players. Coach Gil keeps trainings productive, interesting, challenging and fun, he really knows how to communicate to young players and motivate them to become better athletes. Coach Gil has brought back the fun of baseball to our family and I will be forever grateful. We are looking forward to a great season – with Coach Gil!" ...David & Daniel














Dave & Dylan

My son Dylan was drafted into supremes as a 9 year old 3rd grader. At the beginning of his season he was hit several times by several different pitchers. Dylan had always been a great hitter but as the season progressed his hitting got worse. He was scared of being hit again and it totally wrecked his hitting. Last fall I was telling a good friend of mine who coached little league what had happened. He emphatically recommended I call coach Gil and get Dylan into work with him before the spring 2015 season started. Coach Gil was great with Dylan. He got him back on track and taught him lots of other great skills over the course of about 6 sessions. When Dylan's season started it was immediately clear that his fear was gone and he had his best season yet even getting drafted into an all star team. I highly recommend coach Gil! He has loads of knowledge and does a great job of creating a fun and positive learning and development experience. He is my go to guy for all things baseball. Thanks again Gil.


Stacey & Keoni

Coach Gil has really done a great job with Keoni. Keoni has improved in every aspect of his game...batting and throwing, especially!


Mark & Alec

Coach Gil is a top trainer for baseball players. My son has been seeing private trainers for hitting, fielding and pitching for years. I switched him to coach Gil two months before his high school freshman tryouts, as a final tune-up. Coach Gil improved his bat speed and the exit velocity of balls off of his bat by at least 15mph on average swings in that time. Incredible! His lessons are a good mix of hitting, fielding, throwing, and overall what it takes to be player and make your team. Great progress tracking and communication too, like no other trainer we've worked with. We plan to continue working with Coach Gil through my son's high school baseball career.


Chris & CJ

We have had our son train with Gil for 3 years now. We are thrilled with the results that we have seen with our son. Gil's positive attitude towards his training and instruction methods are perfect for our son. We immediately noticed a greater confidence on the field. Gil has a unique method that is facts based, to measure the improvement in bat speed, as well as throwing velocity. He works tirelessly, patiently and positively to help improve each players skills. He uses statistics to show players where they fit with national statistics.

Gil also stresses the mental side of the game to go along with the physical. That may be the most important difference between Gil and other trainers.


Jim & Jimmy

My son has been training with Gil for 4 years. Gil has been instrumental in my sons development...not only his baseball skills, but also his confidence and approach to the game. Gil's training was instrumental in my son making the NCHS team.
Gil is by far the best baseball instructor we have worked with. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about all aspect of the game, but he brings an enthusiasm and excitement to his training that sets him apart. He brings new and interesting drills to every session. He brings a positive attitude every time and he is always providing his students with a lift and boost to their confidence. His enthusiasm for baseball (and more importantly his enthusiasm for coaching & developing players) is unmatched. I recommend Gil highly!


Sheri & Lucas

Gil is very knowledgeable in his assessments and takes the results and comes up with a very specific training regime. He has helped my son tremendously with his hitting, pitching and fielding. So glad we were referred to him. He's very specific with his critiques and is very thorough in how to make corrections. My son really respects him and always looks forward to his lessons with him.


Mark & Alec

Significantly improved my son’s power through his practical and balanced approach to mechanics and power. Taught fundamentals to advanced techniques and took time to build player’s confidence. Coach Gil really knows how to motivate and inspire players to get better!


Beth & Mitch

Coach Gil, Has a great sense for knowing what the athlete needs. We found his assessments spot on. With his instruction my son has been able to execute his pitching, fielding and hitting with more confidence and accuracy.


Catherine & Jake

Jake actually said that he "loved coach Gil" after his first session. Jake needed help with batting and his confidence. We have tried other lessons which haven't worked. Hopefully Jake has gained the skills and confidence necessary to make him a great batter!



Coach Gil did a great job of helping me feel prepared for High School tryouts. I really liked how Coach made every drill helpful and fun to do. This made me look forward to every practice! Also, I like that Coach decided to work at the GenuWin training facility because there was plenty of room to do every drill. Coach Gil did a great job working with me and I definitely plan of working with him again.



Gil has trained me in baseball for over 8 years now. The results I have experienced are outstanding increasing my strength and confidence of these years. He always makes trainings fun and fills up the time with effective drills. I truly have nothing bad that I can say about Gil. He knows baseball and how to improve players to make them stand out.



I found Gil to be very knowledgeable. I could tell he had a lot of experience communicating fundamentals to the kids. An up-tempo training style that really helps any level player to the next level.


Mike & Colin

Gil's experience shines. He not only helped my 8th grade son tweak a few general things, he helped him prepare for his specific try-out, noting idiosyncrasies that only come through experience. Thanks, Coach Gil


Lori & Justin

Gil has been a great coach helping my freshman prepare for high school tryouts at NCHS. He reviewed my son’s skills and weaknesses and then created a plan to help prepare him to maximize his chances of making the team. He has a great rapport and approach with each young man. He has a lot of enthusiasm and passion for baseball. I really like his focus on fundamentals and tryout tips.


Kelly & Jack

Gil is by far a true professional! He knows the game of baseball from strategy to fundamentals. It is obvious he has a passion for sharing that knowledge. He has an innate ability to quickly figure out a player's strengths/weaknesses and appropriately tailor his instruction. He is all business. You will never find your son standing around waiting for instruction. He provides positive yet candid reinforcement.

My only regret is that I wish I had met him years ago....!


Dianne & Joey

Gil's baseball knowledge and expertise are top notch. He provides constructive instruction and the repetitions necessary for top performance. Best of all, my son loves him and the confidence he instills! We are lucky to have found him.


David & Andrew

Coach Vega is excellent. He is very knowledgeable about the game and he makes sure his students have fun while learning about the best way to play baseball.
My son always looks forward to his training sessions.
Coach Vega stresses the fundamentals and provides expert instruction in pitching, fielding and hitting.
He is a great listener, and caters his sessions to our son's needs and interests. He is not only an expert in baseball, but he knows to connect on a personal level. He is a true teacher.
Our son has made great improvements as a ball player after working with Coach Vega, and he has enjoyed the game more as a result of his working with him.


Mark & John

Gil is the best! Very skilled, and trains in a fun way that players really respond to!


Cruz & Lorenzo

Our experience with Gil has been a very positive one since day one. The instruction both mentally and physically has helped our son on and off the field. The preparation has given our son the confidence and skills to take his game to the next level. We highly recommend Vega Baseball .


Why receive feedback?


Most parents have never been asked to provide feedback on a travel team program/coach, park district team/coach. Since they are typically volunteers (dads), that's understandable; however, personal baseball instructors and trainers should always ask for feedback!


How do they know if they are doing a good job unless they ask?


This is another, often overlooked area of baseball academies, travel teams and professional instructors - “RECEIVING FEEDBACK”.


Requesting feedback (good and bad), is an indication of a true professional that wants to ensure that they are providing quality and effective instruction and always cross-checking their performance. Receiving feedback contributes to continuous improvement.


My Coach’s Questionnaire asks for honest feedback, both good and bad, to ensure the quality of my instruction and to make changes and improvements where necessary.


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