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Jessica ❣️🇨🇴❣️

He is amazing 😉 wow my son has special needs and Coach Gil worked super well with his needs and my son really loves coming every week to his classes and the most important spending fun time with him, and his improvements Came long way since day 1. Thank you for your love and dedication Gil 😘💯😘


David Kaczorowski

Vega baseball is an outstanding organization. We have been with them for 6 years and are impressed with their knowledge, training options, and personalized approach. They know the game of baseball and know how to teach it. We couldn’t have been happier with our decision to work with them. They have our highest recommendation.

Cruz & Dawn Serrato

We like the fact that the instructors cover offense and defense while getting a great workout all in one session ... We have used Vega baseball for the past 6 years and have got nothing but results. They prepped our son for high school and now he’s in college playing the game he loves. I would recommend Vega Baseball especially for the athletes trying to play at the high school level or higher.


Reid Koepnick

Coach Gil makes each session a personal experience. His knowledge of baseball combined with his ability to teach makes him a great coach.


Greg Jaynes

Coach Gil brings a solid, no nonsense, but high repetition approach to improving his players. I am impressed most by his effort level.


Nadarajah Karunakaran

Coach Gil is a very knowledgeable, patient and motivating coach.


Ed Schulze

Coach Gil Vega is a fantastic Coach. He worked with our son through Jr. High and High School, and our son had success, and advanced every step of the way. Coach Gil breaks the game down to a fundamental approach, and builds and develops the player from there, working on areas were improvement can be made, and strengthening the skill set the player may already excel at. Coach Gil has an outstanding personality and easily bonds with the players he works with. I would highly recommend Gil for your young player. I am confident you will see the results on the field.


Alan English

Coach Gil is very patient and encouraging, recognized what my son and daughter needed to improve on right away and definitely saw immediate improvement. Will work with Vega Baseball again.


Keith Rosenquist

Coach Gil is very Knowledgeable in every aspect of this game. He has helped my son Jacob with his hand eye coordination, hitting & pitching techniques. He is very patient & friendly with the player and the parents!


Jaxson Willard (Player)

Hi I'm nine years old I've been practicing with Coach Gil Vega for a while now. At first, I was nervous *chough I'm shy* but he's actually really nice. He helps you hit harder, field more baseballs. Also, he will give you little pointers that make a huge difference. On the last day of our first series of private session I broke my wood bat and it was because I was helped by Gil.... I would definitely recommend him for any player if your goal is to get better. By: Jaxson Willard


Betsy Koepnick

Coach Gil always had a plan to move my son's baseball skills forward, whether it was an individual training session or a group session. In addition to skill development, Coach Gil was a significant force in my son's character development, stressing such things as preparation, persistence, and a strong work ethic. I will always be grateful that Gil Vega is part of my son's "village."


Beth Nieweglowski

Coach Gil had a has a great with rapport with the kids and the parents. He encourages the players without crushing enthusiasm for the game. He builds them up to be the best they can be. Our son definitely improved with the instruction of Coach Gil.


Paul Archie

Coach Gil is a great baseball trainer, mentor, and leader. My son Tyler has benefited tremendously over the past year under Coach Gil’s baseball tutelage. Gil works on Tyler’s throwing, hitting, fielding, endurance, conditioning, and his mental mindset with respect to sports perseverance. My son made the high school Sophomore team as a Freshman. I attribute this to Gil’s personalized training that he develops for all of his athletes. Rest assured my son will work with Coach Gil all through his high school baseball years and beyond. Gil truly cares for his athletes.


Mike Bay

I simply cannot say enough and cannot be happier with Coach Gil Vega for spending the last 9 months training my son and preparing him mentally and physically for high school baseball tryouts. My son looked forward to going to the training sessions every week. I remember asking him about his first training session with Coach Gil and he replied, ”It was so hard, but I absolutely loved it!” My son is still a small kid and I was worried that his size would be an issue, but as an experienced coach, Coach Vega concentrated on the areas that he knew would be important for the upcoming competitive HS tryouts. My son survived 3 cuts to earn a spot on his HS baseball team and he is the smallest on the team! I am tremendously grateful for Coach Vega and for what he did for my son. Thank you!


Tom Quinones

Coach Gil is very knowledgeable, very good at communicating, and adds a very special touch with his coaching/training.


Hector Jasso

What can I say... Coach Gil has made a huge impact on my son’s baseball career. He came in struggling with his hitting performance and confidence. Coach Gil helped him get past the mental block and use the power he was holding back. He does not only highlight the negative, coach Gil identifies the positive and coaches using positive motivation. I highly recommend Coach Gil...



This is one of the best Groupons I have taken advantage of. Coach Gil Vega has great drills and is so good with my hyperactive 10 year old. He kept him focused, driven and most importantly my son enjoyed his lesson and wanted to come back for more. I plan on more sessions with Coach Gil and am excited to see my sons game progress. I also saw Coach Gil for my 14 year old who also felt like he was very helpful to him and asked to return and work with him more. Coach Gil knows many of the drills the high schools use for tryouts having volunteered to help with them.


Rich Pietrzyk

Coach Vega's friendly and professional approach allows him to relate to young players very well. He uses proven, creative and innovative drills to sharpen their offensive and defensive skills. I highly recommend.


Tricia Bradley

My son loves working with Coach Gil. He is very professional and organized. He explains the reasoning behind the different drills and gives great advice for improving performance. His training sessions have really improved my son’s level of play.


George J.

Coach Gil is a very good teacher. He is patient and my son is improving with Coach Gil's training and instruction. I would highly recommend him for baseball lessons.



My boys learned some great new fielding drills. There were many new drills they have not been exposed to in the past. They have enjoyed the experience.


Fern Shackelford

He is focused on the areas that the student needs help with. He gives great instructions and keeps the parents in the loop.


John Kufrin

He uses several different techniques for skill improvement and conditioning. Keeps each session different and active for my son.


Jay Ward

Coach Gil tailored a program to fit my son's needs. He is a great multi skill coach not solely focused on 1 skill.


Maria Bries

Gil is an awesome coach for my 11 year old son! He is calm and patient. He is very knowledgeable in a wide variety of training drills to improve skills and he makes it fun too! My son has made great strides in a short amount of time working with Gil.


Tony Tabrizi

Coach Gil is a rare breed! Not too many baseball coaches I’ve come across over the past 10 years as my son started playing baseball as one like him. He has a keen eye for details and the ability to communicate with the athletes in a way they understand how to adjust. He is like an encyclopedia of drills which keeps practices fresh and challenging. Highly recommended!


Adam Wojack

Great working with younger players really helping their velocity. Great experience to date, and can see positive results.


Carrie Mertic

Coach Gil was professional & had some great drills that helped our son!


Dave Swanson

Coach Vega is a master and excellent with kids and teens. Every session is a fantastic value and you will see results. His training has elevated my sons play dramatically! He is also one of the nicest human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. I highly recommend him!


Stephonn Taylor

Vega Baseball has been an amazing experience. Coach has welcomed my son Caden with open arms. Vega Baseball also shows the upmost dedication to helping (Caden) continue to love for the game. I really appreciate how coach has made training extend past practice hours, he has given us knowledge and baseball exercises to continue crafting our skills beyond the training facilities. Coach Gil has made it his mission to enjoy, encourage, and pursue excellence with his craft. We are proud to be a part of the Vega Baseball family!


Frank Westfall

Gil takes the time and explains the drills/concept at a level his student can understand. Great instructor and knowledge to teach players at all levels.


Courtney Whitted

Very easy to work with, very responsive and makes the training fun!


Zach Nelson

Coach Gil is able to work on any skill you need. He is also great to give advice on what you need to do during tryouts to make the team. From throwing, hitting, pitching, or catching – Coach Gil can improve your game


Daniel Duenas

We have had a great experience with Coach Vega, he is very friendly and explains his drills and why they necessary. I feel that with Vega Baseball we are getting a well-rounded baseball training; Coach Vega has worked on mainly hitting, but has also worked on fielding and even catcher drills. I have already recommended Vega Baseball to everyone I have to talked to about my son’s baseball training and I would definitely recommend them to everyone who is reading this.


Courtney Whitted

Vega Baseball has very timely communication, fair price and teaches the key techniques in a fun way. Coach Gil works my son hard each session, but he has a lot of fun and is learning a lot. My son's confidence has climbed in just 5 sessions. It is obvious how much Coach Gil loves the sport and encouraging and supporting young athletes. I highly recommend him if you are looking to help your young baseball player improve!


Allison U

My son is having a great experience with Coach Gil!

Sean and Donovan

Coach Gil is the total package. He sets the standard for professionalism and patience while taking the time to connect on an individual level to ensure his message is received and understood. I appreciate the actual quality effort Coach Gil puts into my son's sessions by making the time engaging and enjoyable for my son all the while setting goals and holding him to a standard. Coach Gil is a true asset to coaching.

Zac Viall

Gil does a great job of improving my son's all around game while making him work hard and have fun at the same time. If anyone is looking for a coach to help take their child to the next level, I'd recommend giving Coach Gil a try.

Diane Ormond

Coach Gil knows baseball! After just one lesson, we saw improvement. He is mild mannered and listens to the kids and their dreams and goals. He works the kids hard, yet he motivates them. He is the coach that any parent would want to help their kids. He gives the boys confidence. I can’t wait to see the change and growth in our grandson. I’m so glad we took the chance with Coach Gil - you won’t be disappointed. Although my grandson was sore after one of his lessons, he was looking forward to the next one.

Utica J. Gray, PhD

Coach Gil has been working with my 12-year-old son for about six months now, and my son’s hitting, pitching, fielding, and baseball IQ have improved tremendously. Best of all, my son truly enjoys working with Coach Gil. He is patient, but he won’t hesitate to push my son when needed. Coach Gil believes strongly in repetition, which definitely helps with muscle memory. I highly recommend Coach Gil for your baseball training needs.

Dan Duenas

We always get great instruction from Coach Vega. Definitely a great way to increase bat speed and ball exit velocity. My son feels he has been gaining strength from Coach Vega's workouts. I would always recommend Coach Vega.

Cristina Goldman

I like that he switches up what he works on with you and that he pushes you to your limits every time.

Molly T.

Right from the start, my son was comfortable working with Coach Vega. He is great with kids! He is passionate and knowledgeable about the sport and has some great drills that my son has never tried. Only a few lessons in, and he’s already making great progress!

Eddie P.

Coach Gill has been working with my two sons (10&9) on hitting, fielding and throwing. They work hard while training but have fun and look forward to the next session. Their coaches have seen the improvement. Great job!

Dan Miftari

Knowledge of the sport and the way he works with the kids A+

Andrew Martinez    

He communicates well during the lessons. Very positive with instructions. Focuses on fundamentals that players seem to forget through time. My son(14)has improved his batting avg since working with Coach Vega. Pitching instructions are on point to promote arm safety.

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