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Difference between TEAM and PERSONAL training.


FACT: Team practices, whether hitting, pitching or fielding, ALWAYS has limited Personal reps and practice opportunities per player. There's simply too many players.


FACT: Personal training, provides plenty of practice opportunities (reps) as well as personal attention and instruction.


FACT: Most families pay for their players to be on a Travel Team, expecting to receive Personal Training and Instruction, but it simply doesn't happen.


FACT: Families which supplement Team Practices with Personal Training, always see their player’s experience and ability grow significantly.





Exceptional Baseball Players exhibit the following:

  • Exceptional Hand-Eye Coordination and Timing

  • Mental Toughness

  • Proper Preparation

  • Performance Behavior

  • Athleticism and Overall Strength


The above are often missed by coaches and professional instructors, but they are the cornerstone of Vega Baseball.






Cookie Cutter Training...


There are ways to teach players hitting, pitching and fielding at different ages/levels.


Teaching all players of all skill levels the same way is not PERSONAL TRAINING.


That’s cookie cutter training.


Coach Gil doesn’t believe in one size fits all training and starts every student with a comprehensive Initial Baseline Personal Assessment and Evaluation surrounding areas of strength, speed, conditioning, bat speed, hand-eye coordination, timing, fielding and throwing (accuracy/velocity).


The player’s performance during the initial evaluation is compared to average performance standards of local and national players of the same age, height, weight and grade. Coach Gil reviews the assessment in detail with players/parents to formulate a developmental program specific to the individual player. Coach Gil says, “By knowing where a player’s strengths and weaknesses are, I know where to focus training to improve weaknesses, while still dedicating sufficient time to maintaining and enhancing strengths.”


Coach Gil continues, “Good coaches and trainers will set realistic goals and timelines to reach those goals. That’s the way I was trained when I served as an alternate on the US Olympic team and it’s the way I trained all my players, including my own two sons.”


Personal Professional Baseball Training is never complete unless it includes Periodic Performance Reviews. How else would you know if a player is getting better unless you can show measurable proof? How do you know if the training that your paying for is truly helping the player or not?


“Re-testing players, to keep development on track, is essential to any progressive development program. If your trainer, coach or instructor doesn’t re-test players periodically, you’re wasting time and money.” says Coach Gil.






Extra Benefits Coach Gil Provides His Students

  • Coach Gil has the ability of opening up the entire facility at no extra cost to his students so they can receive the best in ground ball infielding practice as well as practicing pitcher pick-off moves. The bigger area and longer throws really help players reach the next level.

  • Coach Gil provides his students with in-game challenging batting practice pitching. There is no better way to get your player hitting and keep them hitting, than providing him with a coach that can throw, overhand, at a high quality and challenging speed (specific to the player’s age/skill level) – including change-ups and curve balls. Coach Gil’s students receive in-game count batting practice too, which helps players learn what pitch (type and location) to expect. Coaches that cannot provide this, can only take a player so far, but Coach Gil can get players to the next level!

  • Coach Gil hosts a variety of camps and baseball clinics. He invites new students to attend these events at a significant discount, so they can experience his action-packed camps and clinics.

  • Coach Gil utilizes his most experienced students as mentors for younger players too. Both players benefit from the experience.


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